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Symposia and Workshop Presentations

Monday Symposia

  • Fighting Fire with Fire – Rx Fire Toolbox to Combat Identified Social Barriers.
  • Restoration of Invasive Annual Grass Invaded Landscapes.
  • USDA-NRCS Grazingland National Resource Inventory: History and Current Applications.
  • Evaluating Foraging Behavior of Free-Ranging Livestock – Bridging Technology and Traditional Field Research.
  • Outcomes Based Land Management.
  • Connecting Targeted Graziers & Land Managers.

Tuesday Symposia

  • Strategic Targeted Grazing to Reduce Fine Fuels: Updates on The Idaho and Nevada Demonstration Areas.
  • Adaptive Monitoring to Support Adaptive Management.
  • Impacts and Solutions to Multiple Use In The Context Of Reclamation And Restoration.
  • New Frontiers In VGS: VGS 5, VGS Online, And VGS Mobile Demo.
  • Toward A National Database of UAV Imagery/Products for Rangeland.
  • Managing Wildlife on The Range – Who Is at The Table?

Wednesday Symposia

  • Agricultural Wildfire Preparedness in Rangelands.
  • New Perspectives to Inform Responses to Invasive Plant Species On Rangelands.
  • Sagestep: What Have We Learned About Sagebrush Ecosystem Recovery After 10+ Years of Monitoring Post-Treatment?
  • Map-Based Tools for Sustainable and Profitable Rangeland Management.
  • Grazing for Conservation: Ecological Opportunity for Ranchers At The Urban-Rural Frontier.
  • Holistic Management and Regenerative Grazing.

Thursday Morning Workshops

  • Corteva Corner – Product Innovation, Digital Solutions and Sustainability Initiatives State-And-Transition Models at The Global Level: Are There Just A Few Syndromes?
  • Drought in Semiarid Rangelands: An International, Cross-Disciplinary Look at How We Know When Water Deficit Matters.
  • Legacy Livestock Performance Data: Where to Find It?
  • Part 2: Map-Based Tools for Sustainable and Profitable Rangeland Management. How to Use Them? How to Improve Them!
  • VGS User Group Workshop
  • Diversity and Inclusion Forum

Thursday Afternoon Workshops

    • Ecological Site Progress: Outcomes of the Provisional Ecological Site Initiative.
    • Low Stress Livestock Handling.
    • Equipping Rangeland Managers with Skills to Map Ecological States Using Google Earth Pro & Remote Sensing Applications.
    • net helping you make in season management decisions.
    • Big Sagebrush Restoration- Status at the Start of a New Decade.
    • Tips for Successful Aerial Applications on Rangeland.
    • Rangeland Social Scientist Gathering 2021.