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FEBRUARY 15 - 18, 2021

Oral Presentations

These will highlight research findings in 8-10 minute talks. These presentations will need to be recorded and submitted as a video file.

Poster Presentations

A summary of findings that a viewer can read and understand in just a few minutes. There are a variety ways to virtually display content.

Field Findings

These on-the-ground 8-10 minute field finding videos will feature projects being conducted out on the range.

Presentation Tips for Speakers in the Workshops, Symposia, and Plenary Sessions

  • Practice, Practice – Several  PRACTICE ROOMS using “Integrated Zoom” have been opened throughout the weekend in the Meeting Platform.
    • MAKE SURE YOU CAN GET INTO A MEETING ROOM. Log into the Meeting Platform → Click on Full Schedule → Click on the meeting you want to join → Click “ADD” to add it to your schedule → Click on meeting title → Click “Join Now” upper right, ore scroll down to “Join Online Meeting.”  If zoom loads for you will be able to get into the session you are speaking at.
    • You can enter the meeting on your schedule, just use the steps above. Rooms will be open 15 minutes before meetings are scheduled to begin.
  • Check Your Speed – All speakers need to find a reliable computer and a place with good internet speed.  You can pre-test your speed at a site like (Click on “Show More Info”) You need close to 10 Mbps upload speed to make sure you don’t freeze during your talk. If you consistently have < 8 Mbps, you should consider finding a location with a faster speed.  Remember if your screen freezes when you are watching a presentation, only you are affected.  But if your screen freezes while you are presenting the whole audience is affected.
  • Look Your Best –
    • Consider using one of the SRM meeting logos on your slides or a virtual background in zoom. Logos and backgrounds can be downloaded  at:
    • Find a quiet place where background noises will not be distracting.
    • You should have indirect light shining on your face, not behind you.
    • Put something under your computer so the webcam is at eye-level. Make eye contact with the audience.
    • If the microphone on your computer is not very good, using the ear-buds from your cell phone, or buying a nice microphone (here are a few good ones).
    • Make sure your computer is charged. Have a back-up plan…. like a spare computer.
  • Will be Recorded – We do plan on recording sessions and posting them on the Meeting Platform so your work may live on in perpetuity.
  • Zoom Sharing Screens –
    • Click the share screen button (it is green) located in the meeting controls on the bottom of the screen.
    • Select a screen share option
      • Basic: Shares your entire desktop, specific browser, or screen.
      • Advanced: Shares Powerpoint as virtual background or videos.
      • Files: Share files from sharing services like Google Drive and Microsoft Onedrive.
    • Enable Optional Features on the bottom of the screen such as share computer sound and optimize screen share for video clip (allows fullscreen when playing videos).
    • For more help on sharing a screen click here.
    • For help with sharing and playing videos click here.
    • For help with pictures and slides click here.


Oral presentations, poster presentations and field findings will all be virtual this year. Keep this in mind when preparing your presentations.