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Amanda Miller

Oil Painter
  • Good Ol Days
    9X12" Oil on Canvas Board
  • Desert Glow
    9X12" Oil on Canvas Board
  • Cowboy Hat
    9X12" Oil on Canvas Board
  • Bighorn Jewel
    9X12" Oil on Canvas Paper
  • Regal Bison
    8X10" Oil on Canvas Board

Project Info

Project Description

Artist Statement/Bio: Amanda has been the SRM webmaster since 2019. She studied web development at UC Davis and fine art at the Milan Art Institute. She loves using classical oil painting techniques to create bold, expressive art, and enjoys being involved in local art galleries. She grew up living off-the-grid in northern Arizona, and is often inspired by the beauty of the desert. She now lives on a farm in Oregon with her husband and daughter, growing grass crops and raising livestock.

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