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Paintings & Drawings

Michael Hale

Artist Statement/Bio: This is a series of drawings from early cowboy years on ranches in the Imnaha Canyon and mountain pastures of NE Oregon. Daily...
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Matthew McIntosh

Artist Statement/Bio: Matt McIntosh is a PhD candidate at New Mexico State University who is studying climate and cattle grazing impacts on Chihuahuan Desert rangeland...
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T. Cole Christie

Artist Statement/Bio: Since all of our plant ID was online this year I found it very helpful to redraw all of the species to learn...
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Jenna Palczewski

Artist Statement/Bio: I am a Soil Conservationist/Rancher in SW North Dakota. In my free time I like to create art with natural elements to create...
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Anna Owsiak

Artist Statement/Bio: Anna Owsiak is a Regional Habitat Manager with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. She has been actively involved in Idaho rangeland...
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Sebastian Schreiber-Pan

Artist Statement/Bio: I am a Rangeland student and a visual artist living in San Angelo, Texas. I began my formal art education in high school,...
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Lisa Raatz

Artist Bio/Statement: Lisa Raatz is an amateur artist and the Program Coordinator at the Rangeland Research Institute, University of Alberta, Canada. She is fascinated by...
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Amanda Miller

Artist Statement/Bio: Amanda has been the SRM webmaster since 2019. She studied web development at UC Davis and fine art at the Milan Art Institute....
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